COVID-19. It's all we hear about and all we see on social media; well, that and the lack of toilet paper. This is a world pandemic that is affecting everyone in some way. But don't panic!

"All you who fear the LORD, trust the LORD!
He is your helper and your shield."

Psalm 115:11

This Psalm starts by saying that God has unfailing love and faithfulness and though the nations may say, "Where is their God?", the truth is that our God is in the heavens doing what He does best. He is working all things together for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28). He is perfect and unfailing and while we may be struggling with this world pandemic right now, we have to have hope that He is at work and is going to bring something good out of all of this. Without hope, what do we have? He is our hope and our salvation. He is our light in the darkness and our wellspring of life. Lean on Him and trust in Him as your helper and shield. 
With that said, while we don't want to panic, we also do not want to be foolish. We have health authorities who are calling the world to make smart choices right now. We will do everything in our power to continue to connect with our church and with our community in outreach, but we will do so via technological avenues. Whether this be through phone calls or social media, our goal is still to be the beacon on the hill in this insane season. 

It has been decided that for the next 3 weeks, we will be postponing our Sunday Morning Service as well as all midweek gatherings. We will reassess after the 3 week marker and keep everyone updated as best as we can. While we won't be meeting in person, we are making every effort to still connect. We will be attempting our first ever live-stream of a sermon on Sunday morning at 10:30am on Facebook. This means that if you go to our Facebook page ( you should find a LIVE video of one of us sharing God's word during our regular church time. In lieu of live worship however, we will be sharing a playlist of worship songs on our Facebook page a day in advance. I would encourage you, before our 10:30am sermon, to spend time listening to these songs and worshipping the God who is in FULL CONTROL during this chaotic pandemic. Spend some time in prayer. Let's unite as a church body not in person, but in spirit. 

Please be assured that God is in control. Our prayer for you, our church family, is that the peace of God that goes beyond our understanding would flood over you right now. We pray that you sense His Spirit on a deeper level and are led to pray like never before for a community, a province, a country, and a world that is falling into chaos. 

Know that we are praying with and for you during this world crisis. We too have our anxieties and questions over all that's taking place. Let's walk through this together! If you want prayer personally, please contact us! We would love to hear from you!

Be blessed friends.