Gathering for worship The BC government has allowed a variance in the current Covid-19 rules in order to facilitate the many different religious observances of various faith groups. Between now and the middle of May all faith based organizations are being allowed to meet together for 4 worship services. We will begin this Sunday for 3 consecutive Sundays.

For us at New Life Assembly this means that starting March 28 we can gather together for worship services with up to 50 people or 10% of total seating capacity. With our smaller building, this means that we can have 20 people meet at a time. Although I do not agree with these arbitrary numbers, and I believe that many of the decisions that have been made surrounding faith-based communities have been inconsistent with other decisions, I believe this is an opportunity to display the love of Christ by following those that He has placed in leadership over us.

Because of limitations on meeting size, everyone is required to register ahead of the service. To do this please email us at [email protected] Please note that we expect more than 20 people Easter Sunday so we will hold 2 services. First service at 10:00 a.m. and the second service at 12:00. This will give us at least 30 minutes to sanitize between services. Please let us know which you would prefer to attend when you e-mail in your request to attend.

We will still need to observe social distancing, and wear face masks. Along with this there are a few other things that are being required of us.            

First, we must notify all of our seniors and people with compromised immune systems that there is still a danger of them contacting Covid-19 through gathering together. If this applies to you, please take note of it. 

Second, we are required to keep record of all attendee’s and their contact information in case of contact with a covid-19 positive person.            

Third, if you are sick, have been out of the country recently, or have tested positive for covid-19, please refrain from gathering with us until you receive a clean bill of health in this area.

Having said all of this, we are excited to be able to gather for a time of worship once again. We look forward to seeing you Sunday.