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It's finally here! Our website has officially launched just in case you found your way here by mistake. Our hope is that this is not just another blip in the great World Wide Web, but that it can be used as a tool for ministry; ministering to YOU and ministering to our COMMUNITY.

The upcoming addition to our website is the inclusion of recording our Sunday sermons and posting them under the SERMONS section. It's not here yet, but it's just around the corner! This means that if you miss a sunday due to work or travel, you don't have to miss out completely! While we can't feed you cookies and coffee through this website, you can keep up to date on any sermon series Pastor Ken is working through. 

We now have the ability to post a blog (or a devotional)! Our hope is to offer tidbits of hope and encouragement along with a sprinkling of challenge. Whether it be Pastor Ken, Pastor Jesse, or another source, we hope that this can be another avenue to let God's word impact our lives during our busy week.

To reach YOU and our COMMUNITY, we have all of our upcoming events available online! Sometimes it's forgotten on your chair or it's used to kill that pesky mosquito, but the Sunday morning bulletin tends to wander off at some point or another. Now the upcoming events are closer than ever! (Please refrain from leaving your phone/tablet/computer on your chair or hitting things with it.) We would love to connect with you throughout the week at whatever events the week bring! (Of course on event-less days we would love to connect over coffee or tea). From your MOBILE DEVICE, if you click on an event it will open up more info regarding the event. Just below the events picture there will be a button that says "Save to your Calendar" ... This button when clicked will give you the option to add this event to your devices calendar, making it much harder to forget those events you really want to go to. 

One final topic I want to touch on is NEWCOMERS. If you have friends or aquaintances who want to know a bit more about what New Life Assembly offers, point them to our website! We have info about the ministries that we run during the week as well as FAQ's about what they should expect if they show up on a Sunday morning. 

Ultimately, we want this website to be a tool that can be used to give glory to God and reach out to our beautiful community with love. If you have any questions regarding the website, please feel free to ask! We would love to sit down and show you a bit more about this tool God has blessed us with.